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Questions and answers

How long will it take to receive our photographs?

Your contract will state up to 8 weeks but the majority of the time you will receive them within 3-4 weeks.

How many photographs do we receive?

It can be anything from 400-500 and I will send you a full set in colour and a full set in monochrome, you also get a high res folder for prints and a low res folder for social media.

How do we receive our photographs and who can access them?

You will have your very own password protected online gallery that will be sent to you via email. You can download the photographs instantly and so can all your family and friends once you have sent them the link. Please contact me for examples of password protected online galleries.

Will you take family photographs at some point in the day?

Yes absolutely! Most couples will need to have some for their wedding day to keep everybody happy but let’s try and keep it to 8 or less if possible. If I can have someone from each side of the family to help it will take no time at all.

Do you work for a certain number of hours?

No. Documentary wedding photography, for me, is capturing your day from the beginning until the very end. If that means arriving at 7 am and staying until the fireworks at midnight then that is what I will do.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have professional and public liability and have been with Hiscox Insurance for over 10 years.

What happens if you cannot attend our wedding day through an accident or illness?

I am lucky to be part of a large network of documentary wedding photographers who work in exactly the same style as myself and there is always somebody who is on standby. I have never had to use anybody but it is good to know someone is there as back up.

We would love you to photograph our wedding, would you put our date on hold?

Yes, of course, but first please fill in the form below to see if I am available for your wedding day. If I am free then let’s arrange a video call through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facetime.

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